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Impressions of 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was end, according to the performance of this exhibition, we (Star Lighting Ltd) concluded 3 impressions.

1.The overseas visitors was decreased, less than former years, especially Europe and American’s visitors. We thought there’s maybe 2 reasons, one is the global economy is not optimistic at present, the other reason is mainland light exhibitions are more and more, many China lights manufacturers also attended their mainland exhibitions, they don’t need come to China again. 

2.The kinds and technology of LED lights come to stable. we found there’s no new kind of LED light in the exhibition, just the same kinds like last year, such as LED bulb, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED tube,etc. Most of the factories only improve the performance and appearance of the lights.

3.The trend of LED industry of China may be polarization in the future.. We (Star Lighting Ltd)  found the price of LED lights are dropped a lot in this exhibition, compared to the former 2 months , so we (Star Lighting Ltd) think either there’s only large LED factories exist, or small factories flourish everywhere. Large factory can save some material cost because they purchase in large bulk. While small factory can save labor cost and managed cost.

Under the fierce competition situation, we must seek existence with quality.